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【湖南卫视《我们都爱笑》20141227 本期精彩】皇太后李金铭独掌大权,西洋使节付辛博前来进贡西洋玩意儿,“小夏子”胡夏护驾不停。段子屋:肖旭、曹然然和肥龙本是结拜兄弟,然而德柏和胡夏的出现让他们的关系变得混乱起来。镜子屋:将军(付辛博/肖旭)即将出征,皇上德柏给他们准备了什么呢? Hunan TV's Laugh Out Loud EP Highlight: Empress Jinming Li take the control of the country, foreign embarrass Xinfu Fu bring Western goods. 每周六(2014年5月10日第二季爆笑播出)四个固定场景分别是"爱笑会议室"、"爱笑滑溜溜"、"爱笑状况屋"、"爱笑平面剧",明星嘉宾在只知道演出大纲的情况下,即兴参与到喜剧演出中来,艺人明星与爱笑兄弟爆笑出演。 Laugh Out Loud is a comedy sitcom, which invites celebrities to act out four laughing series. Guests are performed without any rehearsal, so it is definitely fun to watch some real live acting. The show is already in its third series and is on air every Wednesday since February 15, 2014. 湖南卫视《我们都爱笑》全集【官方版1080P超清全集】 Laugh Out Loud Full EP Playlist: 【欢迎订阅中国湖南卫视官方YouTube频道】Subscribe to Hunan TV YouTube Official Channels ★湖南卫视官方频道 Hunan Official Channel: ★湖南卫视《一年级》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “Grade One” Full EP Playlist: ★湖南卫视《我的一年级》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “Grade One” Full EP Playlist: ★湖南卫视《我的纪录片》官方版1080P超清全集 Hunan TV “My Documentary” Full EP Playlist: ★湖南卫视《爸爸去哪儿2》官方版1080P超清全集Dad, Where Are We Going S02 Full EP: ★湖南卫视《和爸爸在一起》官方版1080P超清全集 Together with Dad Full EP: ★湖南卫视《天天向上》官方版1080P超清全集 Day Day UP Full EP: ★湖南卫视《快乐大本营》官方版1080P超清全集 Happy Camp Full EP: ★湖南卫视《变形计》第十季全集X-Change Season 10 Full EP: ★湖南卫视《花儿与少年》官方版1080P超清全集Divas hit the road Full EP: ★湖南卫视《亲爱的!加油!》官方版1080P超清全集 Dear Refueling: Full EP ★湖南卫视《我是歌手2》官方版1080P超清全集I AM A SINGER 2 Full EP: ★湖南卫视《爸爸去那儿》官方版1080P超清全集Dad, Where Are We Going Full EP: ★湖南卫视《谁与争锋》官方版1080P超清全集: ★湖南卫视《2013快乐男声》官方版1080P超清全集 Super Boy 2013 Full EP: ★湖南卫视《我是歌手》官方版1080P超清全集 I AM A SINGER Full EP: ★湖南卫视《中国最强音》官方版1080P超清全集 X Factor Full EP: ★湖南卫视《百变大咖秀》官方版1080P超清全集: ★湖南卫视《我们约会吧》官方版1080P超清全集: ★湖南卫视《奇舞飞扬》官方版1080P超清全集 Amazing Dance Full EP: ★湖南卫视《王牌晚会》官方版1080P超清全集: 【欢迎加入】Follow Hunan social media to get the latest updates: ★中国湖南卫视官方Twitter ★中国湖南卫视官方Facebook粉丝专页

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