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Officer Yanez has been found not guilty. What could Philando have done to ensure he wouldn't have been shot? We have the deepest concern and heartfelt condolences for those families who have lost loved ones in the recent days. I make this video for educational purposes only and am not looking to push an agenda. Here are a few scenarios of what to and not to do after being pulled over. Please note that I intended to include "except for officer safety" when I said an officer doesn't have the right to disarm you unless you have committed a crime. Too many things to try and remember to say. Please share this with your friends and family. I believe this could be helpful to many and possibly save lives. Any concealed carry instructors, trainers, LE departments or academies who would like to use this video for training purposes are welcome to use it. I only ask that it remain in it's entirety and that you link this video and not copy and repost the video.

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