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Una mirada a las últimas noticias y cosas que se vendrán en el mundo de Warframe. #Warframe #Gaming #Noticias Redes de Crimson Studios: Twitter: @Deuce_the_Gamer Apoya al Canal, conviértete en Patreon: PC: E2B3-B318-214A-11C1 5032-65B3-D86C-D5D2 7BB7-6D75-3FB9-9DAC C632-F9C1-0862-38E1 8291-B663-5A95-2634 C58C-32C6-618A-64A3 F9E9-9BB5-CCE6-3820 AB26-04CD-4396-7BC5 FB20-1E91-A200-0EFB F9EA-BB2F-3ECC-3AD6 D119-C1EC-3686-C00B 3D6E-C593-8D96-7F19 2BF1-6071-0B64-47AD D738-6DD4-5DE4-4AE7 12B7-CC06-A262-C529 267B-912C-2FBB-72E2 4B7A-32AA-7355-3ECB BE87-313D-2AF6-F9B1 A542-914C-A8D7-7F7F 1321-A3EA-B917-0A95 58FA-7A5C-E22E-5528 C4FB-3658-C81D-D698 337D-A3DD-3637-B8BA 3277-BAC7-F4E2-1919 32AB-41B3-C4F4-00F5 38E9-0B76-877C-444B 408C-A07A-E59C-F39E CC2A-1887-5B29-9375 6D84-AD19-53FD-BEDF 4ACA-DF00-C6EC-C085 1A15-4D39-F2E7-D9F3 335F-C6A5-485E-122D B920-0A13-F77E-8BDA 7AF5-75BC-6F0E-4B46 AD4E-9E4E-2074-53D8 E376-BEB2-22DC-47AB 3240-0E24-52BC-D667 23EA-069B-10F2-E2A2 C430-C51E-82AE-D107 7B6B-2986-6851-7DA5 C337-08C0-F824-6C6D E3A5-539E-0F92-3209 5BD1-76B3-E3AF-6B05 804B-49B4-AFA2-8054 473B-2C71-C824-E824 FE47-A544-251D-92CA 922E-AC3E-B170-08AD 1808-09D0-49A4-497E 93B9-1AC6-2DD5-6D93 7D4E-3291-9821-D75B 80DC-DDC9-E50C-4B4F B949-3D9F-BD56-C774 0771-B4CB-281C-37F9 1C96-F346-BB92-3323 5CD4-FF4D-0968-B845 9327-9671-A8FA-1830 2559-DFCB-0B41-BC21 C054-72A7-7BBE-39C8 1734-CE3D-7785-E507 64C7-4AE9-BAE3-0562 3385-66D6-9D58-6D3E E061-8E95-3718-F34E 912E-F7E5-7EBC-6369 4844-A786-A6B8-2574 E993-A010-840A-3C28 78BC-CCA3-83D2-4C96 540B-FB65-5957-D6F3 C751-766D-92C6-5682 64D3-996D-8BF0-185A 7578-DC38-44A7-56D2 F97B-4BA8-919E-79EB 33C2-5FB7-B5C0-87AF C690-B01B-612E-C8C1 C10E-206B-9971-2511 4DDB-12E0-0B4D-A241 FD2F-9DFC-2AEA-4F2D 9FFA-CFF7-B8B6-FB85 C886-99B0-217F-E36E C6BB-4D4B-B6E5-CF29 4FEF-C755-88D9-11D3 1752-A57F-DF6E-7758 8C8B-A88D-7DD6-B9FD 8CF6-5703-3235-EF7C 4030-1FB5-7D36-5585 B374-2DCF-88A2-1C51 7D94-26F8-9843-9B2C 3D05-5BEB-41D2-37D1 05E3-DF99-03D3-6F7C 5C4D-1372-BA3D-FB01 E67D-11AB-12C5-1D6E 0809-9E99-6F4B-C123 8470-A82C-A144-1D84 CF38-76A5-E8CC-E781 5150-012C-89D6-0180 A439-EB57-586D-A33C 37C1-174B-6D96-2AE8 3A70-50F6-9E6C-5B72 5B29-BEBF-A50A-3F89 CCC4-7B9C-4100-1769

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