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This video demonstrates how to unlock every toolset in Super Mario Maker in ONE day in UNDER an hour, WITHOUT the headache of changing your Wii U's system clock. Update: YES I KNOW YOU CAN CHANGE THE WII U SYSTEM CLOCK (as I said in the video, sheesh). This way is just as fast, if not faster, but certainly less boring and monotonous. The text description: 1. Complete the initial tutorial 2. Play around for about five minutes until you get a notification that your next toolset will arrive the next day. 3. Place a large group of blocks on the screen. 4. Hold L and highlight the largest group of blocks allowable. 5. Hold ZL and copy the block group over. Do this about five times. 6. The next toolset will unlock. Rinse and repeat until you have done this eight times. Unlocks: DAY 1 -Super Mario Bros. Game Style -New Super Mario Bros. U Game Style -Ground Theme -Underground Theme -Block -Question Block -Hard Block -Ground Block -Warp Pipe -Super Mushroom -Coin -Goomba -Green/Red Koopa Troopa -Piranha Plant (SMB/SMB3/NSMBU)/Jumping Piranha Plant (SMW)/Venus Fire Trap -Wings DAY 2 -Lakitu/Lakitu's Cloud -Spiny/Spiny Shell -Moving Platform/Falling Platform -Fire Flower -Super Star -1-Up Mushroom DAY 3 -Underwater Theme -Bill Blaster/Homing Bill Blaster -Blooper/Blooper Nanny -Green/Red Cheep Cheep -Spike Trap -Semi-solid Platform DAY 4 -Castle Theme -Hammer Bro/Sledge Bro -Buzzy Beetle/Buzzy Beetle Shell -Thwomp -Podoboo -Bowser/Bowser Jr. -Note Block/Music Block -Skull Raft/Fast Skull Raft -Firebar DAY 5 -Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Style -Airship Theme -Rocky Wrench/Monty Mole -Bob-omb/Active Bob-omb -Donut Block -POW Block -Cloud Block -Burner -Cannon/Fast Cannon -Bridge -Timer Settings -Autoscroll Settings DAY 6 -Super Mario World Game Style -Ghost House Theme -Mystery Mushroom (SMB)/Super Leaf (SMB3)/Cape Feather (SMW)/Propeller Mushroom (NSMBU) -Red/Blue Spike Top -Boo Buddy/Boo Circle -Dry Bones/Fishbone -Magikoopa -Invisible Block -Vine -P-Switch -Doors DAY 7 -Sound Effects -Muncher -Wiggler/Angry Wiggler -Goomba's Shoe (SMB1/3)/Goomba's Stiletto (SMB1/3)/Yoshi Egg (SMW/NSMBU)) -Koopa Clown Car -Red/Yellow/Green Mushroom Platform -Arrow Sign DAY 8 -Tracks -Slow/Fast Conveyer Belt -Grinder DAY 9 -Subworlds -Chain Chomp/Chomp -Ice Block -One-Way Block

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