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Higher Brothers link with Kanye producer Charlie Heat for a modern day symphonic banger. Black Cab album out now! From China to the world, Higher Brothers may just be Chinese hip hop’s greatest hope. Produced by Charlie Heat Lyrics: Verse 1: MaSiWei Look 你问我是否向往天堂 Look, you ask me if I’m headed to heaven Oh nuh nuh 我想我更想回到 playground (oh nuh nuh) I’d rather head back to the playground yo yo yo 是时候说出你的愿望 (yo yo yo) it’s time to make a wish “oh yeah yeah 我需要变更强的配方 ” (oh yeah yeah) I need the formula to make me stronger oh lsabel 我不是在说欧洲妹 oh Isabel, I’m not talking about European girls 它低空飞呀飞 没人敢收过路费 it’s flying low, no one will take its toll 传说中生活在 阿尔卑斯的山脉 according to legend it lives in the Isabellae mountains 稀有的buterfly 雪绒花里发着呆 a rare butterfly, spacing out in the edelweiss lsabellae isabellae只有3 days Isabellae, Isabellae, it only has 3 days 我找到你的时候我已伤痕累累 by the time I found you I was already beaten and bruised 你说我遇到瓶颈需要自己去面对 you said I gotta face the bottleneck myself 别总是不在服务区或手机已欠费 don’t always be out of range and out of service 冲破了茧 蓝色的火焰 a broken cocoon, blue flames 当山体产生裂缝 地面塌陷 when the mountain cracked and the earth opened up 它飞向了天空 被称为“天赋 ” it flew into the air and was called talent 而走过的弯路却很少有人关注 but no one cares about the long road it took verse 2 melo 云里 雾里 现实 梦里面听过你 clouds, fog, reality, I heard you in a dream 追寻 靠近 伴随布谷鸟sing for me pursuit, approach, the cuckoos with me, sing for me 我偶尔会空虚 这过程不容易 sometimes I feel empty, it’s not easy 永远不知 疲倦 像一台永动机 I never knew exhaustion is like a machine that never stops 尽管这山路十八弯但依旧跋山涉水 even if there’s only 18 switchbacks up the mountain, it’s still a hard journey 像飞蛾扑火般地献身只为永恒的美 like a moth burning in the flame, I give myself for eternal beauty 我穿过河流草原 我站在山峰之巅 I’ve crossed rivers and plains, stood at the top of a mountain 我见证斗转星移置身于生死之间 I’ve watched the stars change position, in between life and death 横跨过绿地沙洲不用担心今晚睡哪儿 I’ve crossed an oasis, not worried where I’ll sleep 耗费掉半数青春寻找我的伊莎贝尔 Spent half my youth looking for my Isabellae 藏匿在梦想终点 冬眠 三个月灿烂 Hiding at the end of my dreams, hibernation, 3 months of splendor 时光绽放之后便是终年 又一个公元 As soon as it blossoms it’s already over, another age 最后的结局依然waiting for you In the end I’m still waiting for you 古老的传说相信maybe true I believe that ancient legends are maybe true I do it 从来没后悔过 没错 I do it, I’ve never regretted anything 行动光明磊落 为何要为过去悔过 If you’re open and honest, why would you regret verse 3 psy.p 变成明星 非常幸运 此刻的情景 I’m lucky I became a star, in this moment 我的心情 无法平静 放歌来听听 I can’t calm down, so I put on a song 来申请加我好友的消息被屏蔽 被清理 young soldier见面都会主动敬礼 I turned off friend requests, young soldiers salute me 出发点纯粹 我正在准备 coming from a place of purity, I’m getting ready 要创造的价值比珠宝钻石还珍贵 I’m going to create worth greater than jewels 从天地会到CDC一步步成为这座城市最火的rapstar 影响全人类 from Tiandi Clan to CDC, becoming this city’s biggest rapper with worldwide influence 但看不起我的人还是在旁边继续泼我冷水 people that don’t feel me keep throwing shade 没经历过失败不能够称作完美 if you haven’t failed you can’t call it perfect 就算被酒精灌醉 没有能力还嘴 just like you can’t talk back when you’re wasted 大丈夫一言既出驷马难追绝不反悔 a real man never goes back on his word 发誓必须要做到number one I swear I must become number one 像个战士一样活着枪里装着弹 like a soldier putting bullets in the gun Isabellae请告诉我 应该怎么办 Isabellae please tell me what I should do 它回答我说一切就让时间来审判 it told me to let time be the judge Higher Brothers 88 Rising 88 is double happiness

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